Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year’s Resolution #362

Must blog more regularly


spinoza said...

For me, that would be, "I resolve henceforth, by Jove, to leer lecherously at nubile young females, get drunk at the King's Arms on Sloane Square every fortnight, and to smoke the fine Havana, rolled as it is between the naked thighs of the ladies of Havana". For I blog and comment like billy-o.

Which is to say (cue sailor's chorus from HMS Pinafore): if one has to resolve to do it, if one does not ordinarily say, screw it, then it falls into the category of duty and goes down in history as rudi, mentary that is to say. Whereas we never, not not ever, well hardly ever, resolve to do what is amusing, such as lechery and boozing!

[Reprise full chorus: such as lechery and boozing!]

spinoza said...

For it is known everywhere from Erasmus to Grotius to Kant
That there are things which remember we can't
Unless we make a solemn written vow
And say to our wives, Wow
I promise this time not to forget
To pick up kumquats at the Superette.