Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bobby D and Me

I do what I do best. I take
scores. You do what you do best
trying to stop guys like me.

You never wanted a normal-type

What the fuck is that? Barbecues
and ballgames?

That's part of it.

That's nice. That your life?

No. My wife spends half her
time on the couch. My
stepdaughter's got problems 'cause
her real father's a world class
asshole. And every moment I
got, I'm chasing guys like you.

A man told me once: you want to
make moves? Don't keep anything
in your life you're not willing
to walk out on in 30 seconds
flat if you feel the heat around
the corner.

De Niro and Pacino chew the fat in 1995’s Heat

Me and Bobby D’s character here, Neil Macauley, we aren’t that dissimilar, you know. You got to be sharp, always switched on, looking for the next story as a freelancer, just as Neil here is always on the look out for the heat coming round the corner. As a freelancer, you gotta be ready to drop everything at the drop of a hat for that next big front page.
Here I am on holiday, yet I am still always on the prowl for interesting tales – this blog has never been so busy, for instance.
Perhaps, that’s why journos so often burn out – never really being able to properly switch off, always antenna up looking for the juicy scoop round the corner.
Still, I guess there is a big, fundamental difference between De Niro’s character and yours truly.
Bobby D is into bank heists,
While I just write rank Scheiss!

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