Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Arguably the greatest advance in journalism in my life is Wikileaks: truly a tool for bringing greater transparency to the world.
As its founder, Julian Assange, sits behind bars on trumped up charges (his accusers have links to the CIA), now is the time to resurrect Canned Revolution, an old anarchic movement set up in the dark days of the Bush regime. Yesterday we launched the design to your left in support of Wikileaks. This nifty Wikiaid comes in all shapes and forms, from tshirts to mugs to wall clocks and much more besides. For that perfect anarchic Chrimbo present click the following link for a free press:

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Joshua Samuel Brown said...

Resurrect Canned Revolution? As if the internet needs another platform for cretins like Yahuda Bangs to spew. The hell you say....