Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review

New countries visited

None that I can think of, strangely

Countries revisited after a long absence

Russia, Vietnam

Days spent on the road

250 approx

Biggest change

Leaving Hong Kong after so long for Dalian

Best trip

Xinjiang in August -- stunning

Worst trip

Xinjiang in August – repressed more than North Korea

New Year Resolutions

Travel less
Write 1,000 paid words every other day
Learn Mandarin

2009 outlook for the AsiaScribbler

Strangely positive despite the global downturn. I feel ’09 will be the culmination of years of hard yards getting to where I am, namely a relatively savvy East Asia writer with a dab hand at editing. People might not know me going into ’09, but I am going to be marketing myself hard this year!

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